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RCCG is committed to the achievement of the highest standards of QHSE on all of its projects. RCCG's goals are simply stated: no accidents, no harm to people, no damage to the environment. Everyone is expected to give their full commitment to achievement of these goals





Health, Safety and Environment Policy

RCCG accepts the responsibility to ensure, as far as reasonably practicable, safe and healthy environments for employees and all others who may be affected by the company’s business activities.

Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) matters are the responsibility of everyone within the organisation; however, specific duties and responsibilities are set out in the ‘Organisation for HSE’ document that accompanies this policy.

The HSE aims of RCCG are to:

• avoid accidents;

• minimise the risk of harm to people, property and environment;

• work in partnership with clients, suppliers, enforcement agencies, and co-contractors to promote and provide high standards of workplace health, safety and environmental care;

• formally monitor and review HSE performance as a basis for setting HSE targets and continuous improvement;

• effectively manage any unforeseen events so as to limit any adverse affects.

To facilitate achievement of these aims, RCCG has established organisational responsibilities and developed safe systems for work. Documented details and specific safe procedures are contained in RCCG’s HSE manual, held at each operational site; this manual is freely available to all employees and to non-employees with a specific interest. Access to the manual is via your immediate supervisor/manager, or for non-employees via RCCG’s Project Manager.

Peter L. Absalom
Managing Director       January 2003