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RCCG Business – RCCG is both a Facilities Management Consultant and a Facilities Management Contractor supporting the global energy, defence and infrastructure industry, specifically through the worlds leading oil, gas and power companies and the worlds leading engineering construction companies


RCCG aims – in carrying out its business RCCG will aim to be more flexible and skilful than the competition in the market place; will aim to set challenging targets for improved efficiency and lower costs leading to an improved financial performance and profitability; will aim to deliver an efficient, reliable and safe service, both on time and within budget, instilling a level of confidence in its clients that affords the opportunity of selecting the company on future works on a trusted partner basis; will aim to build on its skills and put them to a wider application in the market place

RCCG commitment – RCCG is committed to the design and provision of a tailor made ‘support service’ package; is committed to the innovation and investment in major projects of strategic importance to the economies of the worlds emerging nations; is committed to the training and development of a wide range of skills and resources on a local, national and international basis; is committed to the achievement of the highest standards in all health, safety and environment matters to ensure that both clients and staff alike are fully protected at all times; and is committed to the achievement of the highest standards of efficiency and excellence in the industry through a benchmarking and continuous improvement programme to ensure the principle of ‘Total Quality Management’ are achieved at all times.

RCCG values – RCCG will value its clients, and is determined to provide an excellent and responsive service that will make it a preferred supplier; will value its shareholders, and is determined to produce a performance that sustains the confidence of the share holders in the organisation; will value its staff, and is determined to promote initiative and reward achievement.