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Training for the future

RCCG recognises that a systematic training programme is essential to maintain the highest levels of efficiency and service to our customers. RCCG ensures that sufficient financial, human and material resources are available to enable the training to be effective. An annual training appraisal based on standards of staff performance is carried out to ensure the highest standards are maintained. Consequently all levels of staff within the Company undertake regular in-depth training and development programmes with specific goals on mind.

Training for quality

Responsibility for staff training is clearly defined within RCCG Group Management Structure.

Personnel Director: Accepts overall responsibility for ensuring training is carried out as outlined in the Training policy.

Training Manager: Responsible for identifying training needs, preparing Training Planes and Training Programmes and co-ordinating all training activities within the company.

Area Managers: Responsible for supervising appraisals, induction and job training.

Unit Managers: Responsible for the induction and job training for all new staff and all other in-units training to maintain and improve standards.